Talent and passion helps.

Jasiek Mela creates unusual projects and creative works at home. What are the talents in your company?

Based on passion, creativity and the need to create, people taking part in the competition will have the opportunity to show their talents or discover their potential and create a unique work.

In addition, employees involved in the project will be able to actively and creatively support non-governmental organizations in the country and strengthen relationships and internal communication.

This project is a great opportunity to integrate employees, establish contact with people with similar interests and a chance to strengthen dialogue, bringing real benefits to employees and the company.

Help to others

Turn your passions into real help!


Competition gives you a reason to act.


Work = Conscious commitment = Joy


Each created work is financial aid of the selected organization.

Ready CSR

Project for small businesses and large corporations.


Positive and based on employees' passion.

"Help with passion" competition

The aim of the competition is to activate employees to support non-governmental organizations, while pursuing their own passions.

As part of the competition, company employees can demonstrate their manual skills and their own creativity by painting pictures, writing poems or taking photos.

All the works help! Each author of the work, regardless of whether he or she submits it to the competition, puts the work on a charity auction and thus supports a non-governmental organization of his choice.

Get to know us closer

Project assumptions, schedule, supported organizations.

Competition categories

Each of the submitted works will be judged and the Jury will nominate up to 20 works from each category for the final stage.


Competition jury

These people will decide which works will be nominated and which  will win the competition.

Wiktor Doktór

Prezes Zarządu, Pro Progressio

Magdalena Stach

Head of Global Operational Excellence Kimberly Clark

Jasiek Mela

Mówca motywacyjny, Ambasador Fundacji Pro NGO.

Katarzyna Dyrcz

Employer Branding Manager, Revolut

Marek Gonsior

Właściciel firmy doradczej Marketers

Zyta Machnicka

CEO, główny strateg i trener w hubie edukacyjnym Lightness

Project business card

About the competition

During prolonged remote work, we observe the loosening of ties between employees and the companies that employ them. Organizations have been working for months to stay engaged by organizing various activities to minimize the negative impact of physical distance. Unfortunately, most of these activities are based on additional meetings, which employees are simply tired of. The #helpwithpassion competition fantastically addresses the impasse that has arisen, combining the needs of employees and companies in a unique way, and the charity aspect woven into the campaigns intensifies the positive reception. An additional advantage is the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better - I look forward to positive stories that we will certainly share in Kimberly Clark during the competition!
Magdalena Stach
Head of Global Operational Excellence, Kimberly Clark.

Participation fees

The cost of participation in the project is fixed, but it is possible to purchase additional codes that entitle you to submit more competition entries.

Company application for over 100 people


Additional notification


Company application for less than 100 people


The most interesting information

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Rusza nowy projekt Fundacji Pro NGO skierowany do pracowników firm i korporacji.

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Kongres Pro NGO za nami

21.10.2020 r. odbył się Kongres Pro NGO, na który zarejestrowało się kilkaset osób z kraju.

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We are happy to tell you why the project has a positive impact on employee engagement, the development of talents and passion, and inspiring employees to act.

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